Revival in America

A spiritual revival in America is happening now! Are you part of it? Do not sit on the sidelines. Look for it and jump in, no matter what part of the country or the world you live in. This revival is spreading, and it is not limited to America.

Most of the pages on this website are written to be timeless. This one written in November, 2020 will provide some vital history for years to come. America fell spiritually, but is rising again, because God formed her according to His will.

(This page has been released in a rough draft form because of the urgency of the message! It will be edited and refined. There will be improvements in layout and organization.)

Revivals in the past were short-lived or failed for several reasons, particularly because they were not done biblically. There is no lasting revival without lasting repentant, humble prayer, according to scripture. Revival in America or anywhere else must be centered around seeking an intimate, worshipful relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is that simple and that demanding of us. It does take work on our part. God doesn’t hand us whatever we beg Him for, unless we are willing to do the work to receive it with repentance and humility.

An Intimate Relationship With God

Here is the simple, but powerful recipe for a lasting revival in America and worldwide. “Humble themselves and pray, seek My face and forsake their wicked way, and I will heal their land.” Seeking a revival earnestly in prayer must include “seeking His face”, an intimate obedient relationship with Him.

God knows that when we truly know Him, we will repent and worship Him. If someone says they “know the Lord”, but does not praise Him with adulation and obey Him with sincere love, the person does not really know Him. We must "seek His face" in humble prayer and study of His inspired word. 

Jesus is the One we are to worship with all our hearts. He told His early disciples and us, “If you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the father”. Jesus was the embodiment of the God of all things. If you worship Jesus, you are worshipping the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. All things that were created were made by through and for Jesus.

A Shining City On A Hill

A revival in America will result in this nation becoming, more than ever, like a shining “city on a hill” to all the nations of the world. That is why God, in His grace, formed and blessed these United States of America. He is determined to reform, renew and revive what He blessed from the founding of the U.S.A.

Moral decay and ungodly government have been growing in this nation for many decades, under the influence of Satan himself. But this revival in America has been simmering under the surface of American culture for many years. It is no match for the devil. It is now boiling in hot spots all around the nation.

The revival in America will continue to grow without slowing and is about to explode with a miraculous act of God that will drain the evil from this nation. This awakening in America will  reestablish the founding principles of the greatest nation on earth. Any who have worked against it will either repent or will be buried by an avalanche of truth in the very pit they dug for those of us who seek the reformation.

Only by the Grace of God

These United States of America are great because of how the Lord established the nation. Not because the American people somehow deserved it more than any other people group. It is only great because of what the Lord has done, starting with the Mayflower compact.

It is time to reestablish what He gave us from the beginning. As of this writing, we are preparing to celebrate the 400 year anniversary of the Mayflower Compact, the dedication of America to God and His salvation plan.

Most church leaders are not even encouraging their congregations to pray and fight for this country.  Some even say there cannot be a revival in America. They are not even talking about how we need to “humble ourselves and pray, seek God’s face and forsake our wicked ways”.

Leave them to their lack of faith and look for individuals and groups of believers who obey that scripture! If you can't find an established church that is doing that, find individuals to meet and pray with. Find those who are living by expectant faith in God's intervention.

Many Christians and church leaders are believing only what they see with their eyes. Because of what they see toward the end of 2021, they are convinced that Donald Trump will not be re-elected. That would lead to the end of the American Dream and put us all under the heavy hand of evil government influenced by communist nations.

Another remnant in the Church sees the end result of God restoring the nation and preventing that horrible result. Those who have received faith to believe "the evidence of things unseen" fully expect massive American revival and protection of the U.S. government from those who think they have cheated their way into control of the Whitehouse.

If your pastors are not calling for and leading in prayer and action to save this nation, if they are not talking about how we have nearly lost the America God blessed us with, if they are not saying that we need to repent… get out of there! They are acting like the army of backslidden Israel did when a filthy mouthed “giant” named Goliath was cursing the nation of God and God Himself. 

God has raised up a spirit of young David to stop this monster with a sinking thud into the very source of its evil plans! At that decisive moment, it will instantly be defeated. Together, we must be in that spirit of David, the giant killer. Do not look at what the majority is doing in fear: nothing! With faith we must, as one step, out in front of them, despite their derision of us, and face the enemy with the will of God.

Revival in America Will Not Compromise

The leftist “leaders” today are more and more openly mocking Christians and God Himself, while many church “leaders” continue passively calling for “compromise” to avoid the conflict. We can’t compromise with people who celebrate the murder of millions of innocent babies in the womb and even after they are born!

We can’t compromise with people who encourage young children to decide for themselves what gender they will be. We can't compromise with those who support the surgical mutilation of how God actually made them. We must defeat them with faith in God, just like little David did the Philistine Goliath.

We can’t compromise with those who want to control when we can go out of our houses and where we can go, just like communist countries do. We must not obey them when they tell us they prohibit us from singing in church or even whether we can go to church. We must perform civil disobedience with faith in God when they test us to see if they can control us with fear. Faith heals and protects. Fear weakens and makes us ill.

We can’t compromise with people who will force healthy people to quarantine. We must not assume that the government knows better than we do and that we need them to control us. By Constitutional law we are a nation of people who self-govern under the law of Jesus Christ. “Of the people, by the people and for the people.”

We must defeat, not compromise with people who test us by telling us that we must wear a mask when walking to a table at a restaurant, but then we can take it off to eat. Or, who decide for us how many people we can gather together with and how far apart we must stand. We must not obey them when they tell us how many friends and family we can gather with at Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations!

We must disobey when they insist that we receive a “vaccine” in order to let us go about our normal business. It is time to turn their own foolish argument about abortion against them. “The government should not be telling women (or men) what they can do with their own bodies.” Now that Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination has given us control of the Supreme Court of the United States, we must correct the illegally made decision of Roe v. Wade and Doe V. Bolton.

Abortion is at the heart of the cancer that has attacked many nations. A revival in America must drive out the spirit of death. There is no right described by our Constitution to kill a baby that was unplanned. Even if the moment of conception brought trauma to the new mother.

Think for a moment. If a woman is traumatized by seeing a perfectly innocent person that reminds her of a violent traumatic experience, should she have a right to kill that person? Doing so would only bring further trauma to her life and would not diminish the original violent trauma.

If we let them successfully control us with fear, they will follow up with more and more egregious, unConstitutional demands. At that point, we will lose this nation as originally ordained and blessed by God. The nation would still be called America, but it will not even resemble what God originally gave the world though her.

The Church has allowed evil people to slip into leadership and influential, controlling positions all over this nation. The educational systems, civil government, the media, arts and entertainment, science, and even the churches have been infiltrated with evil people intent on undermining and erasing the great history and founding of America. The family structure has been eroded by that evil.

As revival in America drives forward, God will continue using an unexpected President Donald Trump for a second term as a driving wedge between us and the evil people who have taken the reins of control over the American culture. God will raise up many more unlikely leaders in every societal influence of this nation to dislodge that evil.

As we were preparing to release this page on Freedom’s Anchor, a massive miracle was about to take place to take down those who tried to steal the re-election of President Donald J. Trump. This will be massive, but it will be only the beginning of the reformation of the greatest nation on earth, a blessing from the Lord to humanity. Find out where God wants you to help!

The question remains, will we step up and take authority with Jesus Christ to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth by proclaiming and working to make His will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven? The revival in America is steadily growing.

Another American revolution is being fought. Let’s sling the Rock God gave us over 2,000 years ago into the forehead of this demonic giant. Jesus, the solid Rock of salvation, is ready to be hurled deep into its evil forehead!

Will you put on the whole armor of God, stand with us and fight, rebuild and revive? Begin with humility, prayer, seeking a relationship with Him and leave behind all ungodly thinking. Find those who are part of the solution and get involved. Separate from those who are part of the problem.

The revival in America has begun! Keep it going through humble prayer and repentance, seeking His face and the power of the Holy Spirit. Through worldwide revival, the gospel will be preached to all the world and disciples will be made of all nations. Then "the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea"!

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